Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's Talk about Chocolate and Orange Mousse

Elizabeth David (image source)
I'm currently winding my way through French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David.  Although I'm definitely reading it like a novel/food porn, there's some great stuff to cook in it.  Since it's Sunday and for us (my husband and I), Sunday means breakfast out somewhere - either a diner where we read the paper and get refills on coffee, or somewhere nicer with a fancier brunch (I'm fond of the lemon-ricotta pancakes with lemon curd).

With so many tasty oranges out there, I thought I'd share Ms. David's thoughts on Mousse au Chocolat a L'Orange (Chocolate and Orange Mousse):

Chocolate Mousse (image source)
Nearly everyone knows and appreciates the old and reliable formula for a chocolate mousse - 4 yolks beaten in 4 oz. of melted bitter chocolate, and the 4 whipped white folded in.  Here is a slightly different version, its faint orange flavour giving it originality.

Break 4 oz. of good quality bitter chocolate into squares and put in a fireproof dish in a low oven.  When the chocolate is soft, after a few minutes, take it from the oven, stir in 4 well-beaten yolks, then 1 oz. of softened butter, then the juice of 1 orange.  Use a Seville orange when in season; its aromatic flavour comes through better than that of the sweet orange.

Beat the 4 egg whites as for a soufflè and fold them into the chocolate mixture.  Pour into little posts, glasses or coffee-cups.  This quantity will fill 6.  Put in the refrigerator or a cool larder until ready to serve.

Should you have some orange liqueur such as Grand Marnier or Curaçao, add a spoonful in place of the same amount of the orange juice.

One note, this is an older recipe when people didn't need/want as much sweet.  Substitute semi-sweet chocolate for the bittersweet if you're looking for a sweeter mousse.

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  1. I used to have a Seville Orange tree when I lived in an old section of Tampa. When I moved in I tried one and thought they were horrible. But then an old Cuban guy kept coming over and asking to use them. Of course, I let him have as many as he wanted and it turned out he was using them for Cuban roast pork. So I copied him! But I never thought about using them to make a dessert(!)


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