Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reading Challenges for 2012

I'm always mixed about reading challenges - I don't like to be told what to for one thing, for another the whole thing can become sort of oppressive (mainly because I can't manage to find the discipline to track the books).  I know, I know, I have the discipline to maintain an active book blog, but making a little list is just WAY TOO HARD.

I'm going to try, again, to get over it this year by joining just a few select challenges in areas/subjects that I had planned to read on or know I will read no matter what.  Here they are, in no particular order (and some of them may include a rant cuz that's just how I roll)

2012 Mammoth Book Challenge hosted by Darlene's Book Nook.  I love the fact that this is happening and will serve as a replacement for The Chunkster Challenge for me (which I have joined every year I've joined a challenge).

/rant on The Chunkster Challenge has just gotten too filled with rules for my pleasure.  Among other things, the notion that one couldn't read a long e-book for that challenge really pissed me off.  See, I thought that reading big, massive, whopping long books was just that - to put in the time and commitment to see the story through - not whether or not you wanted to haul 3.4 lbs of book around (which I did this summer when I read A Dance with Dragons).  I love love love long stories and that has zero to do with loving to try to handle a book that heavy.  Among other things it's way too hard on the hands and wrists.  /rant off

Anyway there are rules and whatnot for this one, too.  I won't go into them, but you can read about them in the welcome post.

I'm joining at level 2 for 4 big books (it's likely I'll read more than four, but who can say how the reading year will go?

War thru the Generations Reading Challenge 2012 - WWI - hosted by Anna and Serena (it has its own blog and everything).  I've been planning doing some more WWI reading this year and am so glad that it's WWI for this challenge.  I love this challenge.

Again, there are rules and whatnot, but I'll let you read about them in the welcome post.

I'm joining at the Dip, but may do more since movies can also be included and I can think of several WWI movies I'd like to watch.

The European Reading Challenge hosted by Rose City Reader.  I was in Rose City Reader's first Battle of the Prizes and signed up again in 2011, but was completely remiss in paying any attention to it.  So glad to see a European Challenge!

Rules and stuff - here.

I'll be at Level Five (Deluxe Entourage).

Non-fiction Non-Memoir hosted by My Book Retreat.  Excited about this one because I read a fair amount of non-fiction.  And yes, some of it is memoir, but I read other stuff, too.

Rules and stuff - here.

I'm joining at the Elementary level, but reserve the right to read more.

Foodies Read 2 Challenge hosted by Margot.  Who doesn't read about food?!

Rules and stuff - here.

I'm joining at the Short Order Cook Level.

Eclectic Reading Challenge 2012.  The idea of this one is to read books from a list of 12 selected genres.  Happily, they're all genres I read from regularly since I am the original book whore - is it printed?  there are words and stuff?  kind of story (even if it's just the cereal's marketing story?)???!!!  SOLD!  This is not say that I have no standards because I do, but with books as with food - try it first, you can't say you don't like it if you haven't at least tried it (I consider myself a proud member of the snout to tail club given  how many different things I have and will eat).

Rules and stuff - here.

So there we go.  If Book Chick City does her Mystery and Supenseish challenge, I'll sign up for it, too.

As mentioned above I have a tendency to flake - not because I don't read the books, but because I kinda can't be bothered to keep track.  I'm working on that.  Also, this year I got kind of pissed off at the challenges that didn't maintain themselves, like not maintaining current link your review pages and that kind of thing.  If you're going to expect that I read a certain number of a certain kind of book, the very least you can do is hold that end of the bargain up.  I quit a lot of challenges last year because they're weren't maintained.  It's totally my thing, but that's how I am.  I also reserve the right to read more than I said I would or to wander off in some odd direction, but I'll try to be a goodish grrl.

Thanks to all of you for putting the time and effort into reading challenges, especially cuz you have to deal with cranky opinionated gits like me!


  1. I like challenges...but I don't like a lot of pressure and rules either. I bombed miserably with the challenges I signed up for my first year. Then, I made sure 2nd year that I signed up for Challenges that included books I want to read...that has worked much better for me this year. I also signed up for the lowest level on each of the challenges, just to give myself an opportunity for success. I blew the ebook Challenge out of the water...wasn't expecting that at all so this year, I'll up the ante on that one. It's all about the reading to me...and I'm not going to join anything that takes away the pleasure I receive from my books. I didn't do as well with Margot's Foodie Challenge this year but am going to try again next year...I have tons of these books but got kinda tied up in my Tudor reading for a while :)
    Can't wait to read more about your challenge progress...we seem to have very similar attitudes about them. :)

  2. Caitlin -- Thanks for signing up for the European Reading Challenge! I look forward to seeing what books you pick!

  3. Thanks for signing up for the Non-Fiction Non-Memoir challenge! I hope you enjoy learning some new things in 2012!!

  4. Glad you're joining us for the WWI challenge! Thanks!

  5. Glad to have you joining me for The Eclectic Reader Challenge! I look forward to seeing what you choose (the backs of cereal boxes don't count!)

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  6. Welcome to the Mammoth Book Challenge, Caitlin, and thanks for joining! Looking forward to seeing your reviews!

    I wish that Book City Chick permitted audiobooks in her challenges.

    I agree with your comment about too many rules: It takes the fun out of it!

    Hope you have fun with all of your challenges!

  7. What fun! Those are terrific challenges. I'm joining the Foodies Read Challenge.

  8. I'm so glad you've joined the Foodies Read 2. I'm looking forward to seeing what great books you find. Good luck with all your challenges.


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